30 Days of Self Love

Day 4

I’ve skipped a couple of blog posts on, since I’ve been busy with building thegroovymermaids.com, and conducting live streams with Ivonne from theindigomermaid.com

30 days of self love is more challenging than I thought. I really need to dig deep and be creative and answer each day a type of affirmation that would benefit my life. So I’m using a full sites to get some inspiration.

I feel kinda guilty doing that, because I felt that this should be something I need to discover within; but I soon realized that changing yourself for the better is all about taking advice from others and incorporating it into your daily routine. One of the first affirmations that I found was a list from loveandcrumb.com that seems to be focused how to have a healthier and happier lifestyle. The page that I found were affirmations for 30 Days of Self Love, and today’s was:

I accept all parts of my physical and spiritual self. I am worthy of love and respect.


Well to start the day off, I woke up a 6:45AM, but officially got out of bed at 7AM; which is fine, because that was one of the habits that I’m working on.

I went on my morning walk, and realized I need a pedometer. So check that on the list of things I need.

With all said, it was a decent hour walk. My goal is to go jogging in longer distance.

I’ve returned home, and couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for breakfast. So I had a breakfast shake:

  • Coconut Milk
  • Banana
  • 1 tsp Hemp Hearts
  • 1 tsp Maca
  • 1 tsp Chia seeds
  • 3 tsp vegan protein powder

The shake was about two cups in total, with added ice to the mix for a more chilling taste.

After that, I started my meditation and pulled a random card from my Thoth deck. I ended up pulling The Moon card in reverse.

Just a little bit about The Moon card. As we see it, we have two dogs (one wild and one domesticated) howling at the moon, with a crustacean crawling out of the water.

A lot of imagery here showing what is going on, but sometimes this card communicates to me some mental business going on where a lot of things are getting mixed up from your thoughts and reality. It could mean positively that you are moving out of your thoughts and grounding yourself to be more real, but still remain connected spiritually. However, my card was reversed. To me, I had to focus on frustrating times and confusing myself in the process of trying to figure out what’s going on.

Honestly, it was pretty darn correct. Lately I’ve been fantasizing what my life will be in a few years time from now. Most of them is nice, with some sad that I’ve deliberately made me feel. Yes, I’ve deliberately make me feel sad, because if I was to ever face a situation, I would be able to remain cool and figure out what needs to be done. Now, I’m taking this challenge, turning fantasy into reality – but it’s going to take time.

I’ve meditated on this, remembering the affirmations from our guided meditation from Ivonne – “Inhale positivity, exhale gratitude.” I never started that way before, and ever since she mentioned this, I’ve incorporated it into my meditation since. I was able to pick up meditation quite easily before, but I’ve fallen off that bike and working my way back into it. My mind went monkey brain most of the time (monkey brain – having your mind start wondering off and day dream).

After this, my work day started until around noon, where I had a turkey and avocado sandwich with roasted broccoli (salt pepper, garlic with olive oil) . It was a decent lunch, and went on with my day.

Finally I got to the good stuff: measurements. This was a huge motivation for me, and I’m really looking forward to each week. I even bought a digital scale that allowed me to not only measure my weight, but calculate other data such as my BMI. It’s all then sent to your phone via bluetooth. Best of all, it’s only $30 – click here to see it on amazon.com

The last time I measured myself was February this year at 243lb, so I gained 8 lbs over time.

The problem with using the scales though is not just to measure your overall weight, but as I lose weight and gain muscle mass, my weight may stay the same or fluctuate to numbers that I “ideally” would like to see. However, the other numbers was interesting, and will definitely keep a log about it.

Next, I’ve measured my body parts in inches. I may not see results each week, but it’ll be a fun report to keep an be able to log everything on my journey. Unfortunately I didn’t have a flexible tape measure, so I ended up using a long piece of twine and a retractable tape measure (HA!). It wasn’t too hard to do, and you can find my results at the right.

I’m also going to take a log of all my exercises. Today I started with a few while waiting for my brocoli to cook. The first number represents the number of reps I’ve done the exercise, with the second number being how many performed during each rep.

Reversed Incline Situps312
Calf (standing on toes)315

I was starting to feel something. Not a soreness, but definitely the stretch in result to these exercises. Later, I went to the store to find a jump rope, and as I was walking I started sweating. It could just be me being out of shape, or I’ve activated my body into workout mode, because I was definitely feeling the thighs from the squats. Maybe both.

Concluding the night, I will be having a salad with half a bowl of soup (at least 1.5 cups).

This day was pretty productive, and I’m definitely looking forward to beating my measurements. I’d love to hear what your comments or adventures into something similar.

May the 4th be with you, and thank you for joining this adventure with me!

7:30AM Out for the walk
Morning flowers
Me at 7AM

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